Adult Therapy

We live in a very fast-paced environment in our modern society. As adults, we are expected to keep up with numerous responsibilities. Often, we find there is not enough time in a day to accomplish necessary tasks. We are constantly pulled in multiple directions—by the kids, employer, partner, parents. Over time these stressors build up and can leave us feeling drained and ineffective. All too often, taking care of ourselves is the first thing to go and we lose the ability to manage our stress.

Some of these everyday stressors and life changes can include:

The above stressors and changes can often lead to feelings of sadness, inadequacy, hopelessness, grief, anger and anxiety. At Oriana Counseling Center, I can help you work through many different issues. I can provide you a safe and supportive environment so you can explore your thoughts and feelings. Through insight and action, you will learn new skills and make positive changes in your life. Please know that you do not need to endure life’s difficulties alone.